A Rose by Any Other Name

This company - The Design Foundry - was founded in 2004. We have been doing graphic design work -- printed and online -- for many wonderful clients in that time.

Around 2011, a local company that used to do event planning also decided to offer design work, and rebranded themselves as "Design Foundry.

When I contact them and asked them to reconsider the name, their response was "No." They admitted they knew about this company before choosing the name. But the only reason they gave was "We felt that since we weren't using the word "The", it would be fine."

All Bill Clinton "define the word is" jokes aside, let me ask you something. Would you really want to do business with a company that poaches someone else' name? And even if you could forgive that, how much faith do you put in the creative skills of a design business who makes themselves stand out by changing the word "The"?

We've been here for over a decade. And we've been designing materials for this community for over 17 years. We're going to keep doing that. Call us anything you want, so long as your project gets finished.

If you want to know more about the way *we* work, we have plenty of clients who would be happy to share their opinion.

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